Best Custom-made Furniture Maker in India

Sometimes, we want to have certain items in our houses that are quite unique and different from the ones out there. Also, we might be trying to replace a lost or damaged piece and would want someone to help us create an item different from the others found in the market. If you are in these shoes and would need Custom made furniture for your residential or commercial space, then we are right here to help.

With Crystaspace, if you can imagine it, we can make it. And guess what? Even when the options are too vast for you to come up with a decision, we have ready experts to help you out with choosing the best furniture for every part of your space. Our furniture designers understand your requirements closely to help you craft a perfect piece.

We furnish offices, homes, hotels, schools, etc. through functional designs created with sustainable manufacturing processes and delivered with a commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Services We Offer

Professional Service

We provide all types of furniture. With a variety of beautiful colors, our custom furniture range can perfectly be suited to your requirements and taste. And everything you see has also been considered and developed carefully with particular attention to quality, operation, and detail. We can supply a full solution of furniture like bedroom furniture, living room furniture, lobby furniture, etc.

We know the choices are daunting from gray to black or white, wooden to metallic, small to big. Our interior designers are prepared to design and help you build a house for your custom furniture. With the aid of 3D instruments, we can build your own sofa, table, chair, bed & storage.

We offer dozens of custom options — from special finishes to hand-applied gilding to a choice of leg styles on some pieces and even more choice. Our goal is to offer high-quality services to all our clients through our well-trained staff, artists, decorators & engineers.

Fully Coordinated Design

Though the customization options are vast, our concept ensures a consistent look throughout the home. We take a holistic approach in the development and design of our products enabling a co-ordinated look where design, colors, and materials always match. You can in this way choose from the exact same materials across categories and designs, ensuring a unification of your décor. You’re not just buying off-the-shelf furniture. So, you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle.

Personalized Furniture

Creating custom furniture remains a unique concept and when you have these concepts, we help you to fit your personal lifestyle. Our concept revolves around you, your environment, and your personal and exciting taste. That's why we design pieces that match your needs.

Regardless of your taste, our accredited custom-made furniture manufacturers will help you to make something out of your room. We offer custom upholstery, custom tables, custom chairs, custom bedroom sets, custom shelves, custom built-ins, and more.

Durability and Style

We bring the really best into our wood furniture so you get the most from it. Every piece of furniture we create is the sum of imaginative design, detailed and accurate engineering, the best materials, and brilliant workmanship. It starts with an idea that our skilled engineers perfected. We supply premium wood and veneers.

In addition to conventional construction methods, we use state of the art equipment. We create finishes that give the wood the perfect style. There may be hand-carved details and a dozen other ways our specialists’ skills transform a piece of wood into a thing of beauty.

Using the best materials and products available, we take pride in producing and supplying the finest custom furniture. We are known for producing long-lasting and quality domestic furniture, partitioning, doors, vanities, and much more.

We offer both large custom furniture and small custom furniture so you can get exactly what you need in Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi NCR.. You can choose from hundreds of sizes and options for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, and bedrooms. Our Furniture is made from solid wood and the highest quality solid wood veneer, ensuring our modern custom-made furniture lasts a lifetime.