Get the Best Painting Service for your Home

If you are looking to hire one of the best house painting companies in town then make sure you call Crystaspace. We are fast becoming one of the best painters in our area and we sure do have one of the best interior decoration websites in Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, and Delhi NCR.

Crystaspace is an interior décor company that offers specialized services and design solutions to the hospitality, schools, residential, commercial, leisure, and corporate industry. We proffer decor solutions to suit both your taste and budget. We turn your blank space into the paradise of your dreams.

Our focus is on creating a space that truly reflects the individuality of each client. Our services are unique because they are tailor-made with particular attention to the beauty in every detail.

Services We Offer

Professional Service

Crystaspace is well known for creating environmentally sustainable surface coatings of any kind. We are experts when it comes to painting, we specialize in both commercial and residential painting works. Our expertise includes interior and exterior painting, Marble effect (stucco) painting, Ottocento Painting, Trowel Painting, Spray Painting, Screeding Painting.

Providing you with an authorized warranty card, we cover all manufacturing defects. Our products are 100% verified and certified and come with a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. All the electrical appliances will have the same warranty as provided by the manufacturer's brand.

Unique Designs and Arts

We take your inputs and ideas, and our interior designers incorporate them into reality with their expertise. We help you transform your home with color. Whether it’s a complete house repaint, an eye-catching accent wall, or anything in between, we will handle it. Our professional house painters can paint houses and apartments of all shapes and sizes, interior and exterior. We make your painting project look great and last for many seasons to come.

3d Wall Panels Installation Services

We specialize in professional 3d wall panel installation, our works give your space an outstanding feel of beauty, Our professionalism are the best you will find across the country and our professional engineers are obsessed with quality, neat and durable installation.

Over the years of professional experience we can boast of making our customers across the country happy and excited about neat and durable 3D WALL PANELS INSTALLATION and painting.

Quick Delivery & Value

Our paint jobs are very unique, and we make your dream house colorful as soon as possible. We deliver the very best value in interior and exterior painting, color consulting, faux finishes, wall covering, plaster and stucco repair and wood replacement services. We use the best tools and materials. Our attention to detail and proper painting techniques at every stage of your project will ensure you we are the best painting company of choice. Our painters and color consultants are passionate, creative and detailed in making your painting project a success.

Types of Paint Finishes

​We provide all the following mentioned finishes according to your requirement and designs.

  • Flat/Matte Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Eggshell Finish
  • High-gloss Finish
  • Semi-gloss Finish

If you would like to find out more about our painting and decorating services, hire a decorating contractor or receive painting and decorating quote for a domestic or commercial project in India, simply contact us. To help you avoid certain mistakes if you are trying to paint your home alone, click here to get our professional help and guide.