Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida

Premium 3BHK Interior Design Project

The Earth Court tower by Jaypee Greens in Greater Noida has 4 BHK apartments with a spacious built-up area of approximately 4000 sqft. Our client Mr. Tarun Khurana who recently bought this apartment with a lot of ventilation, windows, and good views, contacted Crystaspace for Interior Designing of their apartment. We had a lot of good time discussing various design facets with them and co-creating this final Interior design and construction as well. The theme we chose was Neo-Classical Design as both Tarun and his wife were into the curved design and classic furniture. We reflected their styles in different rooms. Another good thing with the apartment was it was quite spacious as most common areas didn’t have any solid walls, thus giving us the opportunity to be creative with the Partitions.

  1. Living Room

    A house should be warm and welcoming and this living room checks all these points perfectly. A soft white color scheme with cream glazed granite flooring and gold gleam wall blends perfectly with light furniture tone. Tarun wanted to have a good amount of seating options so we decided to go with 2 sofas and 2 high back chairs and an ottoman sofa. The interior design theme makes the apartment look spacious, elegant and modern. The elements have been aesthetically put together to make it happen. All the furniture has a classical feel to it with its curved designs, adding more life to the style. The room has multiple windows allowing natural light. We added a central chandelier with a medieval feel to add more essence to the room. A bar cabinet with a small storage unit was placed in the corner and has a white wooden finish in continuation of the theme. The walls have multiple beading designs. The dining room and living room were not separated with a wall so we added two see-through partitions with heavy work design.

  2. Dining Room

    With a central 8-seater dining table, the dining room also has a buffet counter alongside. The chairs were of a similar design to that of the sofas in the living room. Along with simple false ceiling design, the room also has hanging lights for better illumination. The wall had a grey color providing more attention to the furniture in the room. Similar wall beadings are placed perfectly on the wall in continuation of the neo-classical theme. A small plant was placed in the corner. The potted plants provide much necessary and correct color and brightness.

  3. Family Room

    The spacious arrangement, L shaped sofa and relaxing chairs really make this room a good time to relax and spend quality time with family. The important thing decided here was to keep the space open from the side. On one side a box partition was added with some storage and plant combinations giving it the room a fresh feel. The front wall of the sofa has a TV unit embedded in Beading design. A small mandir was also built in the corner with a dark wooden texture.

  4. Kitchen

    As complementary to space, it was decided to have a peninsula G shaped Modular Kitchen, having well-defined boundaries, separate the cooking space, double up as dining spaces and offer plenty of storage. A combination of checks and Portuguese tiles paired perfectly. The lemon-yellow laminate color really stands out. To make the kitchen refreshing plenty of lights were added. LED strips were installed beneath the upper storage and also in the lower storage. These lights are extremely functional for daily chores as well as lighting up space magnificently. A hanging lamp was also installed above the counter. Sliding pantry, Ladder drawers, Magic Corner and specific basket really complete this modular kitchen.

  5. Study Room

    To have leisure and lone time one of the bedrooms was converted to a Study Room. This room has a TV Unit along with a Study table adjacent to a Library Storage. The room has A sofa-cum-bed as well as a bean bag for relaxation. Light wall color with contrasting dark furniture really create a refreshing environment.

  6. Kids Room

    Nowadays, as kids spend most of their time in their bedrooms, their room should have everything which satisfies their needs. The room has a colorful look to it. The two beds were placed in L shape have a back panel of the shape of the house which also has some pockets for storage. The bedside corner was elegantly used for Toy storage beside the study table. A good amount of space was left empty for the kids to play. Another main attraction in the room was its colorful False ceiling with the design of stars and clouds with random placements of lights.

    You can check out more kids room design ideas here: https://www.crystaspace.com/blog/11/10-kids-room-decor-ideas

  7. Master Bedroom

    This bedroom design is highly influenced and driven by the concepts of simplicity and comfort. The soft colors are infused in an exceptional manner with each other. The neoclassical style is also inspired by most designs in the room. All the walls have a beautiful beading structure perfectly placed to highlight the furniture in place. Apart from the natural light through the window, the room had multiple ceiling lights and table lamps on the bedside tables.

  8. Guest Room

    Following the footprints of the Master Bedroom this room also has beadings on the back wall of the bed. Thought the wall panel placed on the wall in front of the bed really gives a classic vibe to the room. The furniture is placed in a spacious arrangement to make the room look comfortable.

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