Janakpuri West, Delhi

Premium 4BHK Interior Design Project

Crystaspace was happy to meet a family who wanted to design their apartment in Janakpuri West, Delhi. We put together a design concept that complemented the layout of their home. A very modern with a hint of a neo-classic theme was suggested for this space in keeping with the customer’s likeliness.

  1. Living Room

    The living room has large windows and doors absorbing all that sunlight and fresh air. The flooring has been given a neutral Italian marble shade. It has been given a sophisticated look with an oak skirting. The entire color scheme is earthy with warm shades of beige and cream. A running wooden wall unit in dark oak is suggested for arranging a mirror infused hexagonal wall artifact. The mirror panels add that touch of class. A false ceiling with subtle recessed lights, cove lighting across the length of the room gives the right amount of illumination to the room. An LED light enhances the wall unit as well as the niches in it. Both the sofas have a soft white colour which adds elegance. The ottoman sofa with the same color helps in the richness of the room. Two Dark blue high back chairs complement the seating area beautifully. A three-tier circular table with golden edges really completes the seating area. The ceiling also has a Chandelier with circular lights.

    The TV Unit is on the wall having a trapezoidal assembly design with mirrors. A closed wooden cabinet is selected for the bar unit. The bar area spells modernity and everything that is chic.

  2. Dining Room

    The main attraction for the dining room was its Wall designs. The wall behind the buffet counter has a heavy work floral design with copper theme edges which bring the focus on the design. The other wall has an exquisite copper wall artefact with eye-catching details. The wall has a dark grey colour complimenting the artefact. The room has a modern 8-seater table in the centre with low hanging lights from the ceiling. The ceiling has similar design to that of living room to maintain continuity. The ceiling lights, LED strips, Corner lamps and spot lights keep this room well lit.

  3. Kitchen

    The Kitchen has an open wall entrance giving it a spacious look. The counters are placed along the 3 walls in a U-shape. This kitchen with its glossy laminated surface is an ideal ode to the modern, modular kitchen. The storages are perfectly coupled with the appliances for perfect placements. The false ceiling has a standout striped design. The spotlights bathe the countertop in such a splendid hue that it is hard to keep your eyes off it!

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  4. Bedrooms

    The Kapoors lives with their family and each of the 4 bedrooms was designed according to the choices of family members. So, you can see that reflects in the color scheme of the rooms designed. The upholstered bed blending flawlessly with the hues of different color shades creates that exquisite relaxing atmosphere. The raving trend of beading on the accent wall cannot go unnoticed and the collective contribution of each element makes this room a luxurious retreat. The TV units on walls are also placed perfectly between the beadings. Each room has a chandelier selected as per the style of each member of the family.

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