Greater Kailash II, Delhi

Premium 4BHK Bungalow with Basement Interior

Greater Kailash Part-2 is one of the premium residential localities in South Delhi. This locality is surrounded by lots of greenery and very well connected to the main road. We got an opportunity to décor one premium bungalow which is recently built by our client Mr. Niraj Johri. It’s a 3 floor and spacious property with two floors with 4BHK arrangement and a spacious basement. After discussing multiple design concepts, we got to know that both Pankaj and his wife are into a Modern Design style similar to his brother. This provided us with a lot of freedom to co-create designs for both their homes. For the color scheme, we finalized with light wall colors to create a contrast for the furniture.

  1. Living Room with Dining

    This living room is a perfect example to display a modern style, from the furniture to the beautifully designed wall elevations, everything reflects the style. Niraj wanted to have a good amount of seating options so we went with an L shaped sofa, 2 high back chairs, another 3 seater sofa and a square table in the centre. All the furniture cushion has a cream white color with all wooden surfaces dark brown. The TV unit is placed on a black marble wall that really highlights all the features in the room because of its contrast. The room also has a couple of round side tables. A heavily worked chandelier is placed at the center of the false ceiling design. The room has a good amount of sunlight and fresh air as it has multiple windows. The dining room is separated by a metallic partition.

    The dining consists of an 8 seater table and a buffet counter with storage on the side. The table and chairs have cream white and dark brown combination to match the theme of the room. The storage has a matte grey and mirror laminate combination with the center covered with a textured grey marble. The sidewall has patterned wooden panels, continued from the living room, with a metal artifact that catches the eyes. This wall also has a full-length mirror in the middle.

  2. Master Bedroom

    Aligning with the Modern Design style, we finalized that the bedroom will have a light color scheme to maintain the contrast. All the furniture had a wooden finish. The bed back panel is a mixture of wooden panels with a textured cloth and golden reflecting panels. There is a full-length mirror on the backside of an oval-shaped bed-side table. The room has a light grey wall color. The bed also has the same color scheme. The hanging lights on the side are really captivating. The doors in the room have a patterned wooden texture on them.

    We went with the TV placed on the bare wall as Niraj wanted a minimal look to the bedroom. The Tv Unit has a simple drawer design with light grey laminates that matched the color of the walls. The wardrobe has tinted glass with dark brown wooden edges.

  3. Kids Room

    The Kids room also had a great amount of natural light through the window. The room has a small bed with a lot of storage options to keep the toys. The bed back panel has a hills and castle theme with a backlight to give a fairy look. The Mountain and forest wallpaper really combines well with the theme. The toy storage has a play area in front with a soft carpet placed on the floor. In the corner, there is another small storage with a light pink color to it. The study table and a chair are placed along the wall with a good amount of desk space. The desk also has an upper panel with spotlights for extra lighting. Most of the furniture has a white laminate to have a fresh look.

    The TV unit and the storage has a simple plain white texture with a TV placed at the center. All the walls have a pastel cartoon wallpaper which provides a different vibe to the room.

  4. Parents Bedroom

    Continuing with the color scheme of other bedrooms, the parents' room was also kept with a similar theme with a neoclassical touch to it. The bed back panel has a unique folding 3d design. The wall-mounted lights are placed in the center of the beadings on both sides of the bed back panel. A similar light is also placed as a hanging light on the side for extra illumination. The bed has a brown finish to it to contrast from the grey theme. Two side tables have a black glass on top and a wooden white frame. The wardrobe is perfectly placed in the wall cavity and has sliding doors.

    The wall behind TV has a designer marble with golden metal edges and stripes in between. The Tv unit has a two-layered design with a light grey laminate similar to the wardrobe.

  5. Basement

    A great feature of this project was it's long and spacious basement. We had a lot of fun as we had the freedom to design such a big space. The entryway has sliding glass doors from the garden area. Here we have provided with 2 three-seater sofas with a small oval table in the front. The wooden legs and table have plain wooden laminate on it. The back panel has dark brown wooden strips pattern on it. The complete basement has a white wall color to highlight the furniture. This space is separated with a partition that has small square plant pots on it. The front wall has a storage unit.

    A plain false ceiling is chosen for the whole basement with multiple lights for good amount of illumination.

    The storage unit has dark brown laminate for the lower unit and the upper unit has two showcases with glass on the sides and in the center a marble back panel with glass slots in between. The storage unit next to it is extended until the seating space. It has a plain white color with simple patterned wood in between.

    Niraj wanted a big seating area for having a fun time with family and friends. So, we went for a round sofa unit with white cushions and multiple pillows. A wooden round table is placed in the center.

    Another spacious U shaped sofa is placed in front of a TV unit to have a good leisure time with family.

    The last space has a pool table in it. Multiple hanging lights provide great light conditions to set the mood. The back wall has a brick pattern for contrast.

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