Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad

Premium 3BHK Bungalow Interior Design Project

Raj Nagar in Ghaziabad has many spacious plots and bungalows built according to owners’ preference. We got an opportunity to décor one such bungalow which is recently built by our client Mr. Ravi Raj. It’s a 2 floor and spacious property with 4 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living room and a big Family Room. After discussing multiple design concepts, we got to know that both Ravi and his wife are into Modern Design style combined with Contemporary design. This provided us with lot of freedom to cocreate designs for their home. For the colour scheme we finalized with light wall colours to create a contrast for the furniture.

  1. Master Bedroom

    Aligning with the Modern Design style mixed with contemporary, we finalized that the bedroom will have the same light color scheme to maintain the contrast. The size of the bedroom gave us the freedom to add the required furniture without overcrowding which made the bedroom spacious. All the furniture had a wooden finish. The best feature of the bedroom was it had 2 windows and 4 slits allowing a lot of natural light in the room. Mr. Ravi wanted to highlight the slits which are on the wall so we designed the back panel of bed to make them more visible and eye-catching. The wooden back panel had light strips in between which were continued through the false ceiling. This gave a very unique view of the room. The bedroom also had 2 high back chairs and a Sofa set with the same color scheme. The room also consists of beadings on the wall to provide a neo-classical theme as well. We also added a bookshelf and a small dressing table in the bedroom as suggested.

    The Bedroom had a powder room which was designed to fit compact wardrobes with keeping more than enough space to roam around and have maximum space for storage as proposed by Mr. Ravi

  2. Kids Room

    The Kids room also had a great amount of natural light through the window. The Modern Design style was also carried on with this room. A false ceiling was a good example as it had a three-layered design giving the room a fresh look. The colors were chosen to make the room compatible with the study environment. For the same, a plain wall concept was finalized with contrast and heavy furniture. The study area had a natural white ash finish making it less distracting. The Study tables were symmetrically designed for the two kids with a good amount of space and storage combination.

    Similar to the master bedroom, this room also had an adjacent wardrobe room. The wardrobes were designed in a parallel fashion each for both.

  3. Drawing Room

    As the first room after entry in the house, this Drawing Room is welcoming as well as classic. A soft grey color scheme with cream glazed granite flooring and a decorated marble wall blends perfectly with the dark furniture tone. Ravi wanted to have a good amount of seating options so we decided to go with 2 medium-sized sofas and a three-seater sofa. Two sofas are dark grey in color and the other sofa has a unique mustard color to give a perfect contrast. Two black round-edged tables at the center with golden platings complete the seating space. The walls have aesthetically placed beadings on the wall to highlight the neo-classical style. All the furniture has a classical feel to it with its patterned designs, and a rich gold plating, adding more life to the style. The room has multiple windows allowing natural light. We added a central chandelier with a medieval feel to add more essence to the room. The wall behind the sofa has a layered design with marble, beadings, and profile light. This highlights the frame at the center of the wall.

    A small storage unit for some artifacts was placed in the corner. The lights on the wall have golden casing in continuation with the theme.

  4. Dining Room

    With a simple white and brown colored central 6-seater dining table, the dining room also has a buffet counter alongside. Along with patterned false ceiling design, the room also has a hanging chandelier with a good amount of illumination. The only wall in the room has a dark and light cream color providing more attention to the furniture in the room. Two high seating chairs with same pattern were placed along the breakfast counter of the kitchen.

    The breakfast counter has a patterned wood along the wall to the ceiling with a hanging light. This room also has a full wall with windows on it

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